Gambling on Maybe

There is a garage attendant downstairs where I live in New York City.  His name is Stan and we chat a few times a week about life and Maybe. When my book was complete and I sent it out to publishers, I gave Stan a copy.

He called me the next day yelling with great excitement:  “Allison I read your book!  Later I only had a few dollars in my pocket, and not even enough in the bank to buy gas for my car.  I thought to myself ‘Maybe’ and then I bought a lottery ticket. You would not believe it – I won 25 dollars and I put gas in my tank!  This is the first time in my life I ever won anything.” Stan’s story gave me pause, but I was still happy that he had such a positive experience using Maybe.

A few weeks later I got another call from Stan.  He won Lotto again, this time 400 dollars.  Now, I began to worry that Maybe had turned him into a gambler! Yes, winning Lotto is a possibility in the land of Maybe, but this is not what I had intended when I gave him the Book. I hoped Stan would stay open to Maybe and make some changes in his life, but not end up in Gamblers Anonymous!

I became concerned about Stan, and when I saw him a few days later I asked him what he learned from his experience with Maybe.   He responded, “Allison, are you worried that I have become a gambler? Don’t worry! The book and my experience with Maybe did not teach me to gamble, it taught me that life changes and I am never stuck. I realize that Maybe whatever is happening in my life is good, Maybe it will get better or Maybe I will find a way to be okay no matter what I am experiencing.  I opened up to life and life opened up to me by filling my gas tank. Now I hold Maybe with me everyday and I feel more is possible in my life even if I can’t see it in that moment. Who needs lotto tickets when I got Maybe!”

Just like Stan, as you experience the power of Maybe again and again, it will free you to explore the unknown with all its hope for a brighter future.  You can bet on it!

Ah, Maybe.