Episode 2 – Living A Life of Gratitude

When we think about being GRATEFUL for everything in our lives, most of us immediately think “of course I am grateful.” I am grateful for my family and friends, my good health, and numerous other things.  But the truth is that our mindset of being grateful has a tendency to come and go.  One minute we are grateful and the next minute we might lose some money or have a problem with a client or our child is struggling and we become completely consumed by the problem.  Our problems can become the lens through which we see our lives.  But if we can find a way to live a life of gratitude, it can shift our perspective and help us make the blessings in our lives our foundation.  When we do this, our problems are softened and they easily find their rightful place.

Click this link to listen to Episode 2 of my podcast, Living A Life of Gratitude, and learn some simple techniques to help you maintain this great perspective and experience more joy and possibility in your life.