Losing Our Will to Uncertainty

Fitness machine with Timer  

      One is never afraid of the unknown;

one is afraid of the known coming to an end.  J. Krishnamurti


Over the summer I decided that I wanted physical activity and exercise beyond my yoga practice.  I had access to a treadmill in the house where I was staying.  It felt like a good decision and I was really looking forward to it.  But then a thought occurred to me.  How would I continue my new exercise program when I returned to the city after the summer? In the city there is little time between work and taking care of my family.  As this worried thought ran through my brain,I lost my will to work out because of the uncertainty of what would happen in the Fall.

Now I realize it may seem ridiculous that I lost my will to work out, but this is what many of us do every day of our lives.  We come up with great ideas for business, a family trip or a bestseller but we are so unsure of how things will turn out that we decide not to pursue them at all.  We lose our determination because the future seems so uncertain and out of reach.  Once the fear of what might be takes over, we often lose the momentum to bring our ideas to fruition.

So how can we stay in the present and start new projects without being overwhelmed by the fear of tomorrow?  What works for me is saying or thinking “Maybe.”   Maybe allows me to be comfortable when I don’t know exactly where things are going because it throws a wrench into negativity.  I keep the realization that Maybe I will figure out my problem, or have more information tomorrow, or maybe I will find something else on my path that interests me.  It keeps my mind engaged in hope and possibility instead of fear.  This way I am able to move forward and not worry as much about what will happen next.

There is only one place to create our lives and that is in this moment.  Let maybe soften the fear of what might be, because maybe everything will be fine or even better than that.  This way you can return to the present and pursue your endeavors – no matter where it may lead.

As for me, I got on the treadmill this summer and thought Maybe I will run outside when I get back to the city.   So far, I have recently decided to commit to two times a week.   Maybe!