Enjoying the Holidays

If we are going to spend the holidays together with friends and family, we should try to enjoy ourselves.  But for some of us, seeing certain friends and family during the holidays brings up strong emotions.  Sometimes we hold anger, hurt or resentment from the past and we relive it each time we are with this particular person.  We want our relationships to be better, but we don’t know how to get there.

I suggest trying the idea of Maybe this holiday season.  The dialogue of Maybe will allow you to drop the story that things will be bad between you and that person this holiday just because it has been that way in the past. Just opening our minds to Maybe allows us to look for some common ground instead of digging our heels into the anger, hurt or resentment from yesterday, last month or last year.  If we want our relationships to improve, then we need to see them in the light of all the possibilities that they hold.  Maybe allows us to engage the chance that these relationships can be different.  It allows us to open our hearts to the people that have been difficult for us in the past and Maybe find a new way to be together.

So try this holiday to think of Maybe when you are with friends and family.  You Maybe surprised!