Client Quotes

“As my main advisor for the past 20 years, Allison Carmen has given me the strength, confidence and guidance to grow my organization into a global brand.  Her support and wisdom has been exceptional.”

~ Joshua Rosenthal, Owner of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

“As an entrepreneur,  I have learned the most important question to ask yourself is “Maybe?”  It helped me reach great levels of success.”

~ Helen Barr, Owner of Barr +Barr, a manufacturer and marketer of handbags  

“Maybe has opened my life to all that is possible.  My business sales have tripled and my dreams of having my own cake business and supporting my grandson are coming true.”

~ Ida James, Owner of Bobbicakes NYC

“The idea of Maybe brings joy to the present moment, knowing that a realm of outcomes can exist, and that the magic of infinite possibility is in my reach.”

~ Libby Johnson, Singer Songwriter

“Since Allison Carmen has introduced me to the Philosophy of Maybe, my life is filled with less stress and more ease.  It is a pathway to all that is possible.  My business has grown and my life is filled with more joy.”

~ John Phillipe Mathieu, Owner Gueridon, LLC, a designer and retailer of furniture and artisan lamps

“Maybe inspired me to try something new in my life.  I just sold my first young adult book to a top rate publisher.”

~ Lori Campbell, Author